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The past decade is almost certain to be the warmest on record, according to the WMO State of the #Climate report.

The report has also identified that we are precariously close to the +1.5°C of warming that will cause a dramatic loss to vital #ecosystems.

Back in July we asked if England’s national parks could hold the potential for #rewilding.

"This could – perhaps – provide an opportunity for broader thinking about how rewilding might figure in shaping the future of our wilder landscapes."


"This unassuming book is a little gem of #nature writing... each chapter provokes thought and it makes ecosystem dynamics accessible in ordinary language"

Read our #BookReview of @PeterWohlleben's new book 'The Secret Network of Nature' on #ECOS 40(5).

"This is a delightful account... a 21st century voice speaking up for nature and the democratic, accessible experience of it."

Read our #BookReview of @TimDee4's fantastic 'Landfill' in #ECOS 40(5).

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