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ECOS: A review of conservation is an online journal filled with articles and comment on the latest topics in UK conservation.

ECOS  is produced by BANC, The British Association of Nature Conservationists.

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"There is no better distillation of the story of nature conservation in Britain, or expression of the passion which will shape the movement in the future..."

Our #bookreview of @MarkCocker2 insightful new text 'Our Place' is now free to read on #ECOS.

The UK is currently on course to miss a large set of #environmental targets by the early 2020s, according to analysis by @UE.

Goals relating to #AirPollution, #RenewableEnergy and #Carbon emissions are among the many that will struggle to be met on time.

We promised you an 'insectageddon' story and here it is...

There has been ca. 10% decline in moths per decade since the early 80s - this came after a steep increase between the late 60s and 1982. Still twice the combined biomass of moths in the present day compared with the 60s.

Guardian Environment@guardianeco

Moth populations in steady decline in Britain, study finds

ECOS 40(5) is now online and free to read!

Our opening article examines The Glover Review - Have things changed, and does the report move anything along? Written by @wessexwildlife.

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"How do we Address the Environmental Crisis? Old Wisdom meets New Energy"

Don't miss this AMAZING event: 19th Nov @UCL! We are hosting 3 high profile & 3 early-career scientists to debate the future of conservation and how to tackle the #EcologicalCrisis

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