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ECOS  is produced by BANC, The British Association of Nature Conservationists.

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As extensive #grazing programs in Britain gain momentum, Janet Mackinnon explores the various issues associated with the movement.

What are the main differences between #conservation and #naturalistic models? Is the current #policy framework sufficient?

The three C's of #rewilding - Cores, Carnivores and Corridors - are well known, yet do they ignore a vital piece of the #rewilding puzzle?

A fourth C - Compassion - would ensure the #welfare of any reintroduced #animals in rewilding projects.

Beavers introduced to Yorkshire in 2019 may have prevented Storm Dennis flooding with their dams

Time to dust off this article in flooding and #rewilding @UKconservation

The gray #wolf was once abundant throughout Europe, yet #habitat destruction, human encroachment and human-wolf encounters led to their substantial extirpation.

However, as Erwin van Maanen explores, the #wolf is making a return to Northwestern Europe.

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