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The gray #wolf was once abundant throughout Europe, yet #habitat destruction, human encroachment and human-wolf encounters led to their substantial extirpation.

However, as Erwin van Maanen explores, the #wolf is making a return to Northwestern Europe.

Even though the #rewilding movement began in North America it's easy to think of rewilding from a Eurocentric viewpoint.

@Wildwaystrekker writes on European #rewilding from a North American perspective, assessing its strengths, flaws and lessons learned.

Please watch this inspiring mini conference featuring ex. @MSc_aquaticUCL students @lilyunger & @KesellaNutella & some v. experienced UK conservationists on how we should respond to the environmental crisis as organised by @conservationucl & @UKconservation @UCLgeography

ECOS: A review of conservation@UKconservation

Our #ECOS40 conference with @conservationucl is now live!

Missed our landmark #ClimateCrisis conference last year?

Check out @L1ttlemo's and @GavinBlackdowns' recap of the key messages from the event, including how the mix of 'old and new' helped to create a heterogeneous and intriguing #conservation gathering.

Missed our great event in Nov with @UKconservation ? We discussed approaches to the #EcologicalCrisis with 'old' and new voices in conservation! Read about it here:

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