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A new deep #coalmine set to open in #Cumbria "would produce 8.4m tonnes of CO2 per year" and has been branded 'incompatible' with the UK's promise to go #CarbonNeutral by 2050.

Some are arguing that the mine would also provide vital jobs to the area.

At the start of 2020 we say farewell and a huge thanks to @GavinBlackdowns as Chair of #ECOS. Gavin has managed the affairs of BANC and ECOS with great competence and much grace.


In the new year we're asking how #rewilding can remain a social movement amid academic, corporate and media interest.

Is rewilding drifting too far from its #community led grass-roots, or do other parties have a vital role to play?

#climate #wildlife

Dear #thearchers listener have you ever wondered what exactly "rewilding" is all about? If you would like to know what on earth Pip, Rex and Little Miss Goody Two-shoes Archer are talking about, then read @LandEthics in the latest @UKconservation:

Felt privileged to work on this rewilding article with @hkopnina & Paul Cryer published in @UKConservation:

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