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ECOS 43 (1): Education and skills for a nature-positive future

“For biodiversity to be protected, it has to be valued. This starts with education.” From [...]

ECOS 36 (1) Spring 2015. The expensive education of Britain’s nature conservation community. Alistair Crowle

Abstract: There seems little unified thinking amongst UK wildlife groups, resulting in a lack of [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… JAMES COMMON Career highlights Since leaving university in 2016 I’ve [...]


REGENERATION: The rescue of a Wild Land Andrew Painting Berlinn, Edinburgh, 2021, 305 Pages Hardback: [...]

ECOS 44 (1.2): Undergraduate Award 2022

Where the spirit meets the bones: Museum collections as a resource in ecology and conservation [...]

ECOS 43 (3.3.2)- Retrofitting carnivores into British culture: Lessons from Africa and Asia

Arguments for reintroducing wild carnivores into the British Isles are often deployed on ecological or [...]

ECOS 43 (3.3.1)- Living with Tigers- Coexistence with large carnivores

Authors: Hannah L Timmins, Sue Stolton, Nigel Dudley, Smriti Dahal and Mike Belecky Suggested citation: [...]

ECOS 43 (3.2.1)- The UK Overseas Territories: moving away from colonialism in the environment?

Authors: Mike Pienkowski, Catherine Wensink (UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum); Catherine Childs, Luke Harding (National [...]


Book review: Divide

Divide: the relationship crisis between town and country Anna Jones Kyle Books, London, 2022, 288 [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… PATRICK ROPER Career highlights I am not what I think [...]