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ECOS 40(6): Return of the wolf in Northwestern Europe – A case of spontaneous rewilding

There are few cases of the striking return of a species once eradicated, particularly a [...]

ECOS 38 (1): Book Review: The Eurasian Beaver Handbook

THE EURASIAN BEAVER HANDBOOK Ecology and Management of Castor fiber Róisín Campbell-Palmer, Derek Gow, Gerhard [...]

ECOS 33 (1) Spring 2012. Letting the cat out of the bag: Eurasian lynx reintroduction in Scotland. James Thomson

Abstract: Conservation, game and land owning bodies have recently been discussing the conditions for any [...]

ECOS 34 (1) Spring 2013. New entrepreneurs in conservation – lessons from South Yorkshire’s Dearne Valley. Ian Rotherham

Abstract: The separation of nature from economy leads to ‘cultural severance’ and loss of species. [...]

ECOS 35 (1) Spring 2014 What future for Bears in Western Europe? Charles J. Wilson

Abstract: The brown bear has been pushed to the remotest forests and mountains in western [...]

ECOS 44 (5.1)- Selling England by the pound

IAN D. ROTHERHAM Biodiversity offset as conservation opportunity or clever scam? This is an opinion [...]


CORNERSTONES: Wild Forces That Can Change Our World Benedict Macdonald Bloomsbury Wildlife, 2022, 256 pages [...]

Wildlife Charities: Political Meddling or Acting For Nature?

There was a great furore recently when the RSPB called the Prime Minister and other [...]

ECOS 44 (4)- Are countryside managers responsible for Britain’s 2022 summer wildfires?

BRYN GREEN Heath and grassland fires – causes and effects Like 1976, the exceptionally long, [...]

ECOS 44 (3)- Guerrilla species restorations and reinforcements

HANNAH TIMMINS A tool for decentralising rewilding and generating public support or a disaster for [...]