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ECOS 36 (1) Spring 2015. Wildlife and conservation in community woods: Business as usual? Alexander van der Jagt, Bianca Ambrose-Oji, Anna Lawrence

Abstract: Social and community enterprise projects in woodland management are on the rise in Britain. [...]

ECOS 44 (5.1)- Selling England by the pound

IAN D. ROTHERHAM Biodiversity offset as conservation opportunity or clever scam? This is an opinion [...]

ECOS 44 (5)- Biodiversity offset and planning gain in relation to habitat creation and translocation – the wise choices for wildlife

IAN D. ROTHERHAM Emerging in the 1980s and 1990s, ideas of habitat rescue and transplantation, [...]

Wildlife Charities: Political Meddling or Acting For Nature?

There was a great furore recently when the RSPB called the Prime Minister and other [...]


WE ARE FORESTS: Inhabiting Territories In Struggle Jean-Baptiste Vidalou translated by Stephen Muecke Polity, 2023, [...]

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ECOS 44 (3)- Guerrilla species restorations and reinforcements

HANNAH TIMMINS A tool for decentralising rewilding and generating public support or a disaster for [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… PETER CAIRNS Career highlights I’m flattered that anyone might consider [...]

The People’s Plan for Nature – will it make a difference?

In what sounds like a throwback to Stalinist Russia we now have a People’s Plan [...]

Book review: The Book of Wilding

The Book of Wilding: A Practical Guide to Rewilding Big and Small Isabella Tree and [...]

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ECOS 44 (2): A Journey Back to Farming’s Future

A Journey Back to Farming’s Future: Compassion in World Farming’s Extinction or Regeneration conference, May [...]