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ECOS 39 (2): Safety in Numbers

People with a love of nature belong to many different tribes, distanced by culture, language [...]

ECOS 39 (2): Book Review: Understanding Animal Behaviour

UNDERSTANDING ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR Rory Putman Whittles Publishing 2018 178 pages Paperback, £18.99 ISBN: 978-1-84995-330-6 Review [...]

ECOS 39 (2): Conservation by Committee

‘It has come to my attention’, the heavy-set man in the green pullover paused for [...]

ECOS 39 (2): Book Review: Few and Far Between

FEW AND FAR BETWEEN On the trail of Britain’s rarest animals Charlie Elder Bloomsbury 2016 [...]

ECOS 39 (2): A Tribe of Dreamers

A voice from the wilderness guides network reflects on her work, and on whether it [...]

ECOS 39 (2): 50 Years of Tribal Warfare

Reflections on a career working with the rival factions of landscape protection and nature conservation [...]

ECOS 39 (2): Editorial: Identity Crisis?

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain People think differently and people have varied outlooks. So what? Does [...]