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ECOS 39 (4): Book Review: EARTH TO EARTH

EARTH TO EARTH A Natural History of Churchyards Stefan Buczacki Unicorn Publishing2018160 pagesHardback £15.00ISBN: 978-1-910787-74-8 Review [...]

ECOS 39 (4): Book Review: THE LONG SPRING

THE LONG SPRING Tracking the Arrival of Spring Through Europe Laurence Rose Bloomsbury Natural History2018272 [...]

ECOS 39(4): End of the rainbow?

A road trip through the Pyrenees to the Sierra Nevada observing both animal and human [...]

ECOS 39(4): Postgraduate winner: Ocean SOS: The challenge of plastic pollution in the marine world

One small step for humankind, one giant leap for our oceans: the beginning of the [...]

ECOS 39(4): Undergraduate highly commended: Marine noise pollution – A (quiet) call to action

Many marine animals like fish and whales rely on acoustic signals to communicate and to [...]

ECOS 39 (4): Undergraduate winner: And I whale always love you

Looking at sonic performances that utilise whale song are there possibilities for inter-species collaboration and [...]

ECOS 39 (4): Editorial: Free radicals

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain Many readers began their interest in ECOS as a student, this [...]