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Category Archives: ECOS 40 (2)

ECOS 40(2): Editorial: Nature conservation – the questions of meaning

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain As several authors note in this issue, we’re a broad community [...]

ECOS 40(2): The meanings of nature conservation: eco-engineering or letting go?

Giving meaning to nature conservation means pursuing a diversity of practical ways to conserve wildlife. [...]

ECOS 40(2): Nature custodians – facing our great paradox

The nature conservation sector has gained resources and influence, yet wildlife continues to decline. Where [...]

ECOS 40(2): Nature conservation’s future – back to basics?

Protecting priority sites and species should remain our key concern. In the digital age we [...]

ECOS 40(2): Prudential value and the meaning of nature conservation

Land managers’ motives for caring for nature may be more deeply personal than we realise… [...]

ECOS 40(2): The meaning of nature conservation – a personal journey

Reawakening nature on your home ground – lessons from a collective effort in Dumfriesshire. Looking [...]


ECOS 40(2): ECOS revisited – the early 90s melting pot

Editions reviewed:ECOS 12(1), 12(2), 14(1), 14(3/4) In 1991, James Robertson writing about his own official [...]

ECOS 40(2): Book Review: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Portfolio 28 Natural History Museum, 2018, 160 pages£25 Hardback, ISBN 9780565094287 Review by Rick Minter [...]

ECOS 40(2): Book Review: Underland: A Deep Time Journey

Robert Macfarlane Hamish Hamilton, 2019, 496 pages£20 Hardback, ISBN 9780241143803 Review by Rogelio Luque-Lora One [...]

ECOS 40(2): Book Review: The Red Kite’s Year

Ian Carter and Dan Powell Pelagic Publishing, 2019, 158 Pages£25 Paperback, ISBN 9781784272005 Review by [...]