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ECOS 44 (2): A Journey Back to Farming’s Future

A Journey Back to Farming’s Future: Compassion in World Farming’s Extinction or Regeneration conference, May [...]


ECOS 43 (3)- A new ECOS article series: Conflict, Post-Colonialism and Conservation 

Introduction – Context, Summary and Caveats The immediate catalyst for this article series was Russia’s [...]

Letter to our new Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, Nature needs leadership Congratulations on your success in rising to number 10.  [...]

Ukraine – war-torn people and nature

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster but also a potential catastrophe for the [...]

ECOS 40(6): Editorial: Rewilding – connections and perceptions

Rewilding has been in the news a lot recently, from further releases of beaver (albeit [...]

ECOS 40 (3): Editorial: The designer wild

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain There’s a snake in our eco-paradise according to Richard Smyth in [...]

ECOS 40(2): Editorial: Nature conservation – the questions of meaning

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain As several authors note in this issue, we’re a broad community [...]

ECOS 40(1): Editorial: A future vintage?

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain A future vintage? So here we are. ECOS at 40. On [...]

ECOS 39(6): Editorial: Nature and wellbeing

Editorial by Gavin Saunders Nature and wellbeing – time to take the medicine? Wild nature [...]

ECOS 39 (4): Editorial: Free radicals

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain Many readers began their interest in ECOS as a student, this [...]