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ECOS 45 (2.2): Undergraduate Award 2023

The Decline of Swifts in the UK: Causes and solutions BETH CRITCHLEY This article considers [...]

ECOS 45 (2.1): Postgraduate Award 2023

A Clash of Values: Why should we believe in the inherent value of nature? JACK [...]

ECOS 44 (1.3): Postgraduate Award 2022

Saving rivers with burbot: Can a lost species help river restoration? By Reagan Pearce The [...]

ECOS 44 (1.2): Undergraduate Award 2022

Where the spirit meets the bones: Museum collections as a resource in ecology and conservation [...]

ECOS 44 (1.1) Undergraduate Award 2022

Macho Nature: The past, present and future of the patriarchy in natural history By Bethany [...]

Postgraduate Winner 2020: People and nature – are we listening to the right voices?

In the New Year of 2019, I was fortunate to be surrounded by outlandish natural [...]

Undergraduate Winner 2020: Does conservation have A diversity problem?

When I walked into my first day of studying Wildlife Conservation at university, one of [...]

Postgraduate Highly Commended 2020: Lessons from Scotland’s rewilding vs. repeopling debate

As a number of authors in ECOS and elsewhere have made clear, rewilding is both [...]

Undergraduate Highly Commended 2020: Living rivers

Rivers are interesting things. They flow inexorably towards the sea, carrying what was once billions [...]