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Martin Spray (1947 – 2021)

A brief tribute from fellow ECOS editor Rick Minter We bring you the sad news [...]


Liberating nature: False hopes from the lockdown?

Is nature really gaining ground from the lockdown, or just being noticed more and getting [...]

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Horses for Nature: Equids and extensive grazing in Britain

Equids and extensive grazing in Britain: This article discusses the various issues associated with the [...]

Crisis talks: old wisdom meets new energy

Two eye-witness accounts of November’s ECOS/UCL mini-conference To mark our 40th anniversary, ECOS joined forces [...]

Alison Parfitt – a brief tribute

Alison Parfitt sadly passed away on 17th December 2019. Those of us who were lucky enough [...]

ECOS 40(1): Wisdom or dogma? Reflections on the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife

Wisdom or dogma? Reflections on the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife We need a Species’ Manifesto [...]

ECOS 40(1): Book Review: Thus Spoke the Plant

THUS SPOKE THE PLANT A remarkable journey of groundbreaking scientific discoveries and personal encounters with [...]

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ECOS 39(6): Editorial: Nature and wellbeing

Editorial by Gavin Saunders Nature and wellbeing – time to take the medicine? Wild nature [...]


MRS PANKHURST’S PURPLE FEATHER Tessa Boase Aurum 2018 336 pages Hardback £20 ISBN: 978 1 78131 [...]

ECOS: 37 (3/4) – Family Ties

To be human is to be part of Nature. And yet to be human is [...]