ECOS 1 (1) 1980

– Editorial p.2-3
– BANC Meetings p.3
– Landmarks in Conservation: An interview with Max Nicholson p.4-8
– The Countryside in 1980 by Jane Clifford and Philip Lowe p. 9-13
– Friends of the Earth Habitat Campaign by Tim Clarke, p.14-17
– Forward planning in conservation by David Goode, p. 18-21
– One man’s view, by Hanter Pobas, p.22-24
– Blue moves at Blean? by Christine Bradley, p.25-27
– Wash reclamation by Nick Pinder, p.28-29
– Corby Closures by Mark July, p.29
– The Countryside and Wildlife Bill by Pete Rayne, p.30-32
– Book reviews p.33-35
– News and Events p.36-38
– Letters to ECOS p.39

Download as PDF: ECOS 1-1 1980 whole issue


Clarke, Tim et al. “ECOS 1 (1) 1980” ECOS vol. 1(1) 1980, British Association of Nature Conservationists,

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