ECOS 32 (1) Spring 2011. Book reviews

Books and play reviewed in this issue:

Mangroves and man-eaters and other wildlife encounters. Dan Freeman, 2011
The Species Seekers: Heroes, fools and the mad pursuit of life on Earth. Richard Conniff, 2011
Sacred natural sites: Conserving nature and culture. Bas Vershuuren et al (eds), 2010
Weeds: How vagabond plants gatecrashed civilisation and changed the way we think about nature. Richard Mabey, 2010
Wildlife of a garden: A thirty-year study. Jennifer Owen, 2010
Outside. Chris McCully, 2011
The dance of air and sea: How oceans, weather and life link together. Arnold Taylor, 2011
Greenland. A Play by Moira Buffini, Matt Charman, Penelope Skinner and Jack Thorne at the National Theatre (25th Jan-2nd April 2011)
The World of wolves: New perspectives on ecology, behaviour and management. Marco Musiani, Luigi Boitani and Paul Paquet, 2010

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“ECOS 32 (1) Spring 2011. Book reviews” ECOS vol. 32(1) 2011, British Association of Nature Conservationists,