ECOS 38 (3): Contents

Neil Bennet


Feature articles

Nature’s Brexit – any clearer?
Mike Townsend

Political events – steering nature through – OPEN ACCESS
David Blake

All at sea? Marine protection in post-Brexit Wales
Blaise Bullimore & Kerry Lewis

Brexit landscapes of the Welsh hinterland
Janet Mackinnon

Missing links of Natura 2000
Owen Mountford

Brexit politics – what place wildlife and nature?
Alistair Crowle

Nature’s class warfare
Michael Jeeves

Brexit  realpolitik – the risks for wildlife
Andrew Blewett

North East wildlife – ‘it’s the economy stupid’
Barry Larking

Brexit and the Scottish Environment – from the core to the fringe
Roger Sidaway & James Thompson

Green Blob politics – the strength of knowing our place
Peter Taylor

Zoo futures
Chris Moiser


“ECOS 38 (3): Contents” ECOS vol. 38(3) 2017, British Association of Nature Conservationists,

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