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ECOS 43 (3.4)- First Nations-led Ecological Restoration in Australia

The final article in ECOS’s series on Conflict, Post-Colonialism and Conservation describes the work of [...]

Natural Infrastructure and HS2’s wildlife toll

Work on HS2 continues amidst continuing controversy over whether it is really needed, if it [...]

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ECOS 43 (3.3.2)- Retrofitting carnivores into British culture: Lessons from Africa and Asia

Arguments for reintroducing wild carnivores into the British Isles are often deployed on ecological or [...]

ECOS 43 (3.3.1)- Living with Tigers- Coexistence with large carnivores

Authors: Hannah L Timmins, Sue Stolton, Nigel Dudley, Smriti Dahal and Mike Belecky Suggested citation: [...]

ECOS 43 (3.3)- Conservation of Large Carnivores: Coexistence Lessons from Africa and Asia

The Year of the Rabbit, with associations of calm, peace and good luck, follows that [...]

Book review: When the Kite Builds…

When the Kite Builds…: WHY and HOW we restored Red Kites across Britain Mike Pienkowski [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… NIGEL DUDLEY & SUE STOLTON Career highlights Nigel and Sue [...]

Book review: Leaving Space for Nature

Leaving Space for Nature: The critical role of area-based conservation Nigel Dudley and Sue Stolton [...]

Book review: Sixty Harvests Left

Sixty Harvests Left: How to reach a nature-friendly future Philip Lymbery Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London, [...]

Book review: The Trespasser’s Companion

The Trespasser’s Companion: A field guide to reclaiming what is already ours Nick Hayes Bloomsbury [...]