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ECOS Author: David Blake

David Blake works for Landmarc Support Services as a rural adviser in South West England (although not speaking for Landmarc in this case), he blogs at wessex wildlife and takes the occasional photograph.

A deer stalker and seasoned nature conservation practitioner. These views are very much his own.

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Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… DAVID BLAKE Background I am employed by Landmarc Support Services, [...]

Book Review: A journey in landscape restoration

A JOURNEY IN LANDSCAPE RESTORATION: Carrifran Wildwood and Beyond Edited by Phillip and Myrtle Ashmole [...]


ECOS 40(5): The Glover review – refining the finest landscapes?

The recommendations of the Glover panel’s Landscapes Review are not dissimilar to those in the [...]

ECOS 39(6): The people’s polemic for wildlife: A divisive and shouty manifesto

The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife fronted by Chris Packham seeks to divide people on topics [...]

ECOS 38 (6): Lies, damn lies and nature conservation

Wildlife and game groups should find more common ground. Between them they could bring complementary [...]

ECOS 38 (3): Political Events

2020 vision – do we have it? Over the next two years, nature conservation on [...]

ECOS 36 (3/4) Conservation wisdom: Looking back to look forward. David Blake

Abstract: People helping wildlife have worked the land for generations with commitment, passion and wisdom. [...]