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ECOS Author: Mark Fisher

Wildland Research Institute, University of Leeds

ECOS 40(6): Movement ecology and rewilding

The level of hyperbole in the promotion of a Dutch concept of nature conservation, and [...]

ECOS 39(3): Reviewing England’s National Parks: an opportunity for rewilding?

The Glover-Gove review of National Parks will trigger many agendas for these protected landscapes. Can [...]

ECOS 37 (3/4) The challenge of wild nature conserving itself. Mark Fisher and Alison Parfitt

Abstract: The last edition of ECOS had a lot to say about rewilding in its [...]

ECOS 34 (2) Summer 2013. Wild nature reclaiming man-made landscapes. Mark Fisher

Abstract: This article critiques the recent publication, Trees, Forested Landscapes and Grazing Animals: A European [...]