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ECOS Author: Peter Shirley

Peter Shirley is a jobbing nature conservationist long retired from working for the Wildlife Trusts and others, particularly on urban issues.

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Wildlife Charities: Political Meddling or Acting For Nature?

There was a great furore recently when the RSPB called the Prime Minister and other [...]

The People’s Plan for Nature – will it make a difference?

In what sounds like a throwback to Stalinist Russia we now have a People’s Plan [...]

Book review: The Hidden World

The Hidden World: How insects sustain life on earth today and will shape our lives [...]

Natural Infrastructure and HS2’s wildlife toll

Work on HS2 continues amidst continuing controversy over whether it is really needed, if it [...]

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Betrayal of Nature

When Liz Truss became Prime Minister I had the temerity to offer her advice on [...]


Letter to our new Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, Nature needs leadership Congratulations on your success in rising to number 10.  [...]

Book review: Silent Earth

Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse Dave Goulson Harper Collins, New York, 2021, 336 Pages [...]

Nature at the Crossroads

Introduction Well, maybe more at Spaghetti Junction than at a crossroads. Even though nature is [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… PETER SHIRLEY Background In 1987 I moved from commerce to [...]

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Double Whammy For Nature

Dealing with major threats is one of the Government’s fundamental jobs. Whether it is social [...]