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ECOS Edition: ECOS 36(2)

ECOS 36 (2) Whole issue

Editorial: Towards infinity. Geoffrey Wain Feature articles – Freeing up nature – from ourselves and [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Revitalising conservation: ECOS next issue and beyond

Revitalising conservation is a major new theme being investigated by ECOS and BANC. How can [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Book reviews

Books reviewed in this issue: The New Wild: Why Invasive Species will be Nature’s Salvation. [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Electric energy: BANC nature tweets. Emily Adams

Abstract: BANC has begun a series of Twitter debates, opportunities for people to swap views [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Return of the beaver – lessons from the River Otter. Mark Elliot

Abstract: In ECOS 35 (2) 2014,¹ Derek Gow outlined the proposals by Defra officials to [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Compassionate conservation – making the case. Simon Leadbeater

Abstract: This article reviews Marc Bekoff’s book Ignoring Nature No More, and discusses the various [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Does conservation need an exit strategy? The case for minimal management. Joe Gray and Patrick Curry

Abstract: The spectrum of potential conservation philosophies contains the ideals of preservationists towards one end [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Conservation on its last legs – the prospect for rejuvenation. Peter Taylor

Abstract: As a provocative on ‘refreshing conservation’ this article argues for a change of paradigm [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Finding funds for nature – muddling through in middle England. Pete Johnstone

Abstract: This article calls for a Royal Commission investigation into funding for nationally important heritage [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Conservation advocacy: can NGOs retain their voice? George Bangham

Abstract: NGOs and charities have perhaps never been more influential in UK policy formulation, but [...]