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ECOS Edition: 2019

Alison Parfitt – a brief tribute

Alison Parfitt sadly passed away on 17th December 2019. Those of us who were lucky enough [...]

ECOS 40(6): Editorial: Rewilding – connections and perceptions

Rewilding has been in the news a lot recently, from further releases of beaver (albeit [...]

ECOS 40(6): Living with the wild: cores, connectivity and co-existence

As a geographer I am fascinated by issues of spatial scale and what that means [...]

ECOS 40(6): Movement ecology and rewilding

The level of hyperbole in the promotion of a Dutch concept of nature conservation, and [...]

ECOS 40(6): Principles of rewilding – from the heart

This article discusses the challenge of maintaining a social movement for rewilding in the face [...]

ECOS 40(6): The beaver’s tale

Ambushing the return of beavers The beaver’s advocates and foes include occupants of leather benches [...]

ECOS 40(6): Rewilding from an ocean away

A North American’s perspective on European rewilding I must admit, I look with envy at [...]

ECOS 40(6): The golden rules of rewilding – examining the case of Oostvaardersplassen

Helen Kopina, Simon Leadbeater, Paul Cryer This article adds to the “golden rules” of rewilding [...]

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ECOS 40(6): Return of the wolf in Northwestern Europe – A case of spontaneous rewilding

There are few cases of the striking return of a species once eradicated, particularly a [...]

ECOS 40(6): Book Review: Rewilding

REWILDING: ECOS writing on wildland and conservation values Peter Taylor (Ed) ECOS/BANC, 2011, 494 pages [...]