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ECOS 38 (2): Pevensey Levels – a booming future?

New agri-environment payments and policies will hopefully deliver a vision of restored habitats and iconic [...]

ECOS 38 (1): Planet Earth III? For nature’s sake, no thanks

With so much wildlife sliding into oblivion, we now need a rethink about BBC’s flagship [...]


ECOS 38 (1): Hard Brexit – Soft Rewilding?

Ideological challenges to nature conservation are nothing new, but now they can take different guises [...]


ECOS 38 (1): Book Review: The Eurasian Beaver Handbook

THE EURASIAN BEAVER HANDBOOK Ecology and Management of Castor fiber Róisín Campbell-Palmer, Derek Gow, Gerhard [...]

EOCS 37 (1) Spring 2016. Book reviews

Titles reviewed: – Britain’s Habitats: A guide to the wildlife habitats of Britain and Ireland. [...]

ECOS 1980 1 (1) F.O.E. Habitat Campaign – Tim Clarke

Abstract: Loss of a rare butterfly species reflects a wider loss of habitats. This has [...]

Oliver Gilbert: A Life in Ecology

A Celebration of the Work and Inspiration of Dr Oliver Gilbert Pioneer Ecologist & Sheffield [...]

Plotting in the Woods: BANC AGM and event, September 2015

Plotting in the Woods: Revitalising conservation at the BANC annual event and AGM The BANC [...]

ECOS 36 (1) Spring 2015. The expensive education of Britain’s nature conservation community. Alistair Crowle

Abstract: There seems little unified thinking amongst UK wildlife groups, resulting in a lack of [...]

ECOS 32 (1) Spring 2011. Deer management and biodiversity in England: the efficacy and ethics of culling. Simon Leadbeater

Abstract: This article examines the issues associated with controlling deer numbers in order to protect [...]