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Book review: Wild Teesside

WILD TEESSIDE – Thirty years of industry and nature Ian Bond, Mike Leakey, Robert Woods, [...]

Book Review: A journey in landscape restoration

A JOURNEY IN LANDSCAPE RESTORATION: Carrifran Wildwood and Beyond Edited by Phillip and Myrtle Ashmole [...]


Undergraduate Highly Commended 2020: Living rivers

Rivers are interesting things. They flow inexorably towards the sea, carrying what was once billions [...]

Future stewardship of national landscapes: challenges and opportunities of the Glover report

The Landscapes Review It is just over seventy years since the National Parks and Access [...]

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Book Review: Untangling the Knot

UNTANGLING THE KNOT, BELUGAS & BEARS: My natural World on Film Mike Potts Whittles Publishing, [...]

Admitting defeat: why I am quitting nature conservation

Disclaimer: while this piece refers to various conservation organisations and structures, I apologise in advance [...]


Horses for Nature: Equids and extensive grazing in Britain

Equids and extensive grazing in Britain: This article discusses the various issues associated with the [...]

ECOS 40(6): Living with the wild: cores, connectivity and co-existence

As a geographer I am fascinated by issues of spatial scale and what that means [...]

ECOS 40(6): Movement ecology and rewilding

The level of hyperbole in the promotion of a Dutch concept of nature conservation, and [...]

ECOS 40(6): The beaver’s tale

Ambushing the return of beavers The beaver’s advocates and foes include occupants of leather benches [...]