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Book review: Sixty Harvests Left

Sixty Harvests Left: How to reach a nature-friendly future Philip Lymbery Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London, [...]

Book review: Divide

Divide: the relationship crisis between town and country Anna Jones Kyle Books, London, 2022, 288 [...]

Book review: Silent Earth

Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse Dave Goulson Harper Collins, New York, 2021, 336 Pages [...]

ECOS 40(1): ECOS revisited – highlights and lessons from the early years

Editions Reviewed: ECOS 1 (2), 1 (4), 4 (1) Refreshed perspectives… For many of us [...]

The human element in farmland management

How studying beetles led me to study people My undergraduate dissertation on beneficial beetles in [...]

ECOS 32 (1) Spring 2011. Food for thought: the real costs of intensive farming. Ruth Boogert

Abstract: Intensive industrial agriculture is at a crossroads. Trends in intensification and super-scale livestock units [...]

ECOS 34 (3/4) Winter 2013. Integrating nature and agriculture – towards a new vision. Gavin Saunders and Simon Brenman

Abstract: The conservation sector in the UK needs to engage more fully with the debate [...]

ECOS 35 (1) Spring 2014 Agricultural reform in England – Towards a greener farm policy? Lisa Schneidau

Abstract: The current round of farm policy negotiations will shape the next seven years. Why [...]

ECOS 35 (1) Spring 2014 Why don’t environmental payments work? John Bowers

Abstract: The origins of agri-environment schemes (AES) lie with safeguarding SSSIs in the late 1960s [...]