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ECOS 36 (2) Austerity politics – any place for nature? Mike Townsend

Abstract: The result of the election may have been a surprise, but it is not [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Summer 2015. Freeing up nature – from ourselves and from market forces. Peter Shirley, p.2

Abstract: Economic forces in the UK are increasingly ranged against the natural world. Given the [...]

ECOS 36 (1) Spring 2015. Community management of public land: Keeping green assets available. Mark Walton

Abstract: At a time of austerity and a shrinking state we need to create new [...]

ECOS 32 (1) Spring 2011. Educated and willing… but unemployed! The state of the conservation job market. Rachel Kempson

Abstract: Embarking on a career in the current environmental-conservation job market is not an easy [...]

ECOS 32 (1) Spring 2011. All you need is love? Gavin Saunders

Abstract: Mapping out a positive way ahead for conservation beyond the current period of austerity [...]

ECOS 33 (1) Spring 2012. When the going gets tough… Jonathan Somper

Abstract: Evidence suggests that around one half of NGOs are coping with the challenging financial [...]

ECOS 33 (2) Summer 2012. Councils in adversity – why less isn’t more for nature. Mike Oxford

Abstract: This article reviews the feedback provided by wildlife staff across local councils in England, [...]

ECOS 33 (2) Summer 2012. Conservation in a time of austerity – why fund nature? Mike Townsend

Abstract: Why has an appealing subject like wildlife protection and the environment become an easy [...]

ECOS 33 (2) Summer 2012. Paying our way: affording nature in hard times. Tony Whitbread

Abstract: Is looking after the environment an act of charity, to be funded by those [...]