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Crisis talks: old wisdom meets new energy

Two eye-witness accounts of November’s ECOS/UCL mini-conference To mark our 40th anniversary, ECOS joined forces [...]

ECOS 40 (3): Editorial: The designer wild

Editorial by Geoffrey Wain There’s a snake in our eco-paradise according to Richard Smyth in [...]

ECOS 40(3): ECOS Revisited: 1991-2010 sustainability slowly emerges

Editions reviewed:ECOS 24(1), 24(3/4), 26(1), 29(2) In 2001, and mid-point of this ECOS review period, [...]

ECOS 40(3): Nature’s place – what should live where?

What are our reference points for taking a stance on whether something belongs in the [...]

ECOS 40(3): Post-Nature writing?

A personal view of what nature writing might break in case of an emergency. Gritty [...]

ECOS 40(3): Book Review: Working With Nature

Jeremy Purseglove Profile Books, 2019, 271 pages £14.99 Hardback, ISBN 9781788161596 Review by James Robertson [...]

ECOS 40(3): Book Review: The Wild Remedy

Emma Mitchell Michael O’Mara Books, 2019, 192 pages Hbk £14.99  ISBN: 9781789290424  Review by Janet Mackinnon “I [...]

ECOS 40(3): Book Review: Rebirding

BENEDICT MACDONALD Pelagic Publishing, 2019, 300 pages Hbk £19.99 ISBN 9781784271886 Review by Peter Taylor [...]

ECOS 40(3): Book Review: Rewild Yourself

Simon Barnes Simon & Schuster, 2018, 198 pages £14.99  Hbk  ISBN 978 1 4711 7540 [...]

ECOS 40(3): Book Review: The Land of the Brighton Line

David Bangs Published by David Bangs, 2018, 396 pages Pbk  £30  ISBN: 9780954863821 Review by Marion [...]