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ECOS 30 (3/4) Whole issue

Download issue as PDF: ECOS 30 3-4 Full issue Editorial: A house without foundations. Martin [...]

ECOS 1980 1 (1) Landmarks in Conservation: Max Nicholson talked to Charlie Pye Smith and Philip Lowe

Abstract: Max Nicholson’s involvement in conservation spans a generation. His greatest achievement has been as [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Editorial: Towards Infinity. Geoffrey Wain. OPEN ACCESS

Download editorial as PDF: ECOS 36-2-1 Towards infinity

ECOS35 (2) Summer 2014 A stormy idea: responding to rapid change in coastal ecosystems. Thomas Pryke

Abstract: The management of protected areas in coastal environments requires an appreciation of ecological, climatic, [...]

ECOS 35 (1) Spring 2014 What future for Bears in Western Europe? Charles J. Wilson

Abstract: The brown bear has been pushed to the remotest forests and mountains in western [...]

ECOS 35 (1) Spring 2014 Does traditional farming still meet nature conservation needs? Robert Deane

Abstract: Are traditional farming and conservation aims really as compatible as we suppose, or is [...]

ECOS 35 (3/4) Studying past landscape change to inform future conservation. Nicholas Macgregor, Kevin Watts, Kirsty Park, Elisa Fuents-Montemayor, Simon Duffield

Abstract: The WrEN project, led by the University of Stirling, Forest Research and Natural England, [...]