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ECOS 33 (2) Summer 2012. Rat Island – lessons from ancient Aotearoa for middle England today. Simon Leadbeater

Abstract: This article began as a book review of William Stolzenburg’s Rat Island (Bloomsbury 2011). [...]

ECOS 33 (2) Summer 2012. Neighbourhood planning – fresh powers for local conservation? Jeremy Owen

Abstract: Reforms to the planning system could bring major change to directing development and managing [...]

ECOS 33 (2) Summer 2012. Unplanning the Countryside. Richard Bate

Abstract: Governments often consider softening up the planning system at times of economic strain, and [...]

ECOS 33 (2) Summer 2012. Planning and site safeguard – time to step up for nature. Andre Farrar

Abstract: How can prime wildlife sites be safeguarded amidst current forces which threaten to undermine [...]