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Book Review: God is an Octopus

God is an octopus: Love, Loss and a Calling to Nature Ben Goldsmith Bloomsbury Wildlife, [...]

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The People’s Plan for Nature – will it make a difference?

In what sounds like a throwback to Stalinist Russia we now have a People’s Plan [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… DAVID BLAKE Background I am employed by Landmarc Support Services, [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… PETER SHIRLEY Background In 1987 I moved from commerce to [...]

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ECOS 42 (4): The Right to Roam; the impending colonisation of nature?

The first difficulty is to see that the problem is difficult… where we thought everything [...]


Book review: Wild Teesside

WILD TEESSIDE – Thirty years of industry and nature Ian Bond, Mike Leakey, Robert Woods, [...]

Liberating nature: False hopes from the lockdown?

Is nature really gaining ground from the lockdown, or just being noticed more and getting [...]

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Admitting defeat: why I am quitting nature conservation

Disclaimer: while this piece refers to various conservation organisations and structures, I apologise in advance [...]


ECOS 40(3): Post-Nature writing?

A personal view of what nature writing might break in case of an emergency. Gritty [...]

ECOS 40(2): Prudential value and the meaning of nature conservation

Land managers’ motives for caring for nature may be more deeply personal than we realise… [...]