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Liberating nature: False hopes from the lockdown?

Is nature really gaining ground from the lockdown, or just being noticed more and getting [...]

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ECOS 40(5): Book Review: Invasive Aliens

INVASIVE ALIENS The plants and animals from over there that are over here Dan Eatherley [...]

ECOS 40(3): Nature’s place – what should live where?

What are our reference points for taking a stance on whether something belongs in the [...]

ECOS 39(6): The people’s manifesto for wildlife – solid ideas or flaky ideals?

The wildlife manifesto launched by Chris Packham is a lengthy wish list in need of [...]

ECOS 37 (3/4) Brexit’s impact on nature conservation: a delight, disaster or diversion? Peter Shirley

Abstract: The implications of Brexit are complex even just for terrestrial wildlife conservation. This article [...]

ECOS 37 (1) Spring 2016 Mind the gap – Reflections on revitalising conservation. Peter Shirley

Abstract: We need different groups of people to act in a variety of ways to [...]

ECOS 36 (2) Summer 2015. Freeing up nature – from ourselves and from market forces. Peter Shirley, p.2

Abstract: Economic forces in the UK are increasingly ranged against the natural world. Given the [...]

ECOS 33 (1) Spring 2012. Cometh the hour? Peter Shirley

Abstract: This article discusses the current forces affecting the role and the influence of wildlife [...]

ECOS 34 (1) Spring 2013. The future of England’s green agencies: with writing from Peter Shirley and Simon Leadbeater

Abstract: Should we welcome the current review of Natural England and the Environment Agency or [...]

ECOS 34 (2) Summer 2013. Helping the State of Nature – public duty and political evasion. Writing from: Adrian Phillips, Michael Jeeves, Ian Bond, Peter Shirley

Abstract: Following the May 2013 launch of the State of Nature report, ECOS asked around [...]