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Book Review: Cornerstones and Tenacious Beasts

Cornerstones: Wild Forces That Can Change Our World Benedict Macdonald Bloomsbury Wildlife, 2022, 256 pages [...]

Guerrilla species restorations and reinforcements

A tool for decentralising rewilding and generating public support or a disaster for conservation quality [...]


Thoughts from influential nature conservationists… PETER CAIRNS Career highlights I’m flattered that anyone might consider [...]

Book Review: God is an Octopus

God is an octopus: Love, Loss and a Calling to Nature Ben Goldsmith Bloomsbury Wildlife, [...]

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Book review: Routledge Handbook of Rewilding

Routledge Handbook of Rewilding Sally Hawkins, Ian Convery, Steve Carver, and Rene Byers (Eds) Routledge, [...]

Book review: Wild Fell

Wild Fell: Fighting for Nature on a Lake District hill farm Lee Schofield Penguin, London, [...]

Book review: Regeneration

Regeneration: The rescue of a Wild Land Andrew Painting Berlinn, Edinburgh, 2021, 305 Pages Hardback: [...]

Book review: The Book of Wilding

The Book of Wilding: A Practical Guide to Rewilding Big and Small Isabella Tree and [...]

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ECOS 43 (3.3.2)- Retrofitting carnivores into British culture: Lessons from Africa and Asia

Arguments for reintroducing wild carnivores into the British Isles are often deployed on ecological or [...]

ECOS 43 (3.1.2)- Conservation on the frontline: Azov-Black Sea Ecological Corridor

Before the war The following account is based on information provided by Igor Studennikov, director [...]