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ECOS 40(2): Prudential value and the meaning of nature conservation

Land managers’ motives for caring for nature may be more deeply personal than we realise… [...]

ECOS 17 (2) Spring 1996 Biodiversity: Nature for Nerds? Paul Evans

Abstract: Biodiversity has emerged as a package of concerns with a political impetus which is [...]

ECOS 37 (1) Spring 2016. Ecodemocracy: helping wildlife’s right to survive. Joe Gray and Patrick Curry

Abstract: Concepts such as ecosystem services and natural capital illustrate the benefits that people gain [...]

ECOS 37 (1) Spring 2016. Nature conservation in Britain – turning the tide? Alistair Crowle

Abstract: This article follows up recent debate in ECOS over revitalising conservation. It argues that [...]

ECOS 37 (1) Spring 2016 Mind the gap – Reflections on revitalising conservation. Peter Shirley

Abstract: We need different groups of people to act in a variety of ways to [...]