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ECOS 40(2): Prudential value and the meaning of nature conservation

Land managers’ motives for caring for nature may be more deeply personal than we realise… [...]

ECOS 36 (3/4) Winter 2015. In search of Nature’s renaissance people. Gavin Saunders

Abstract: Some voices say conservation needs to pull itself together and become a rigorous scientific, [...]

ECOS 36 (3/4) Editorial: Loving the Greenwood. Geoffrey Wain

‘It’s not about the money’ says David Blake in this issue, as he considers conservation’s [...]

ECOS 35 (2) Summer 2014 Closer to the natural world? The achievements of Access to Nature grants. Helen Bovey

Abstract: The Access to Nature programme helped nearly 950,000 people experience nature, many for the [...]

ECOS 35 (2) Summer 2014 The benefits of engaging with nature through learning in natural environments. Justin Dillon

Abstract: Learning in the natural environment has a number of direct and indirect benefits. So [...]