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What Wildlife Needs And How To Provide It Mark Avery Pelagic Publishing, 2023, 193 pages [...]

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GOD IS AN OCTOPUS: Love, Loss and a Calling to Nature Ben Goldsmith Bloomsbury Wildlife, [...]

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Natural Infrastructure and HS2’s wildlife toll

Work on HS2 continues amidst continuing controversy over whether it is really needed, if it [...]

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Ukraine – war-torn people and nature

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster but also a potential catastrophe for the [...]

ECOS 42 (4): The Right to Roam; the impending colonisation of nature?

The first difficulty is to see that the problem is difficult… where we thought everything [...]


Liberating nature: False hopes from the lockdown?

Is nature really gaining ground from the lockdown, or just being noticed more and getting [...]

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ECOS 40(5): The Glover review – refining the finest landscapes?

The recommendations of the Glover panel’s Landscapes Review are not dissimilar to those in the [...]

ECOS 40(5): Gloom & doom, but room for optimism?

State of Nature report 2019 Would it not be wonderful if Britain was indeed a [...]

ECOS 40(5): Book Review: Our Place

OUR PLACE Can we save Britain’s wildlife before it is too late? Mark Cocker Jonathon [...]

ECOS 40(5): Book Review: Invasive Aliens

INVASIVE ALIENS The plants and animals from over there that are over here Dan Eatherley [...]