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ECOS Author: Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor is an ecologist and anthropologist, author of The Spirit of Rewilding (2016) and editor of Rewilding: Ecos writings on wildland and conservation (2011).

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The return of Britain’s wild boar Chantal Lyons Bloomsbury Wildlife, 2024, 288 pages Hardback: £20 [...]

ECOS 45 (6) – The spirit of rewilding

Releasing our grip on nature & rediscovering our own wildness PETER TAYLOR Rewilding has caught [...]


CORNERSTONES: Wild Forces That Can Change Our World Benedict Macdonald Bloomsbury Wildlife, 2022, 256 pages [...]


WILD FELL: Fighting for Nature on a Lake District hill farm Lee Schofield Penguin, London, [...]


REGENERATION: The rescue of a Wild Land Andrew Painting Berlinn, Edinburgh, 2021, 305 Pages Hardback: [...]

Book Review: The Missing Lynx

THE MISSING LYNX: The Past and Future of Britain’s Lost Mammals Ross Barnett Bloomsbury, 2019, [...]

ECOS 40(6): Principles of rewilding – from the heart

This article discusses the challenge of maintaining a social movement for rewilding in the face [...]

ECOS 40(5): Book Review: The Secret Network of Nature

THE SECRET NETWORK OF NATURE Peter Wohlleben Bodley Head, 2018, 264 pages Hardback, £14.99 ISBN [...]

ECOS 40(3): Book Review: Rebirding

BENEDICT MACDONALD Pelagic Publishing, 2019, 300 pages Hbk £19.99 ISBN 9781784271886 Review by Peter Taylor [...]

ECOS 40(1): Book Review: Climate Change and British Wildlife

CLIMATE CHANGE AND BRITISH WILDLIFE Trevor BeeBee Bloomsbury2018366 PagesHardback £35ISBN: 978 147294 3194 Review by Peter Taylor [...]