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ECOS Author: Steve Carver

Steve Carver is Director of the Wildland Research Institute, School of Geography, University of Leeds.


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Book review: The Book of Wilding

The Book of Wilding: A Practical Guide to Rewilding Big and Small Isabella Tree and [...]

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ECOS 42 (3): Time to put the wild back into rewilding

With rewilding in danger of becoming all things to all people we argue the need [...]


Alison Parfitt – a brief tribute

Alison Parfitt sadly passed away on 17th December 2019. Those of us who were lucky enough [...]

ECOS 40(6): Editorial: Rewilding – connections and perceptions

Rewilding has been in the news a lot recently, from further releases of beaver (albeit [...]

ECOS 40(6): Living with the wild: cores, connectivity and co-existence

As a geographer I am fascinated by issues of spatial scale and what that means [...]

ECOS 40(5): Book Review: The Wolf

THE WOLF A true story of survival and obsession in the west Nate Blakeslee Oneworld [...]

ECOS 39(3): Reviewing England’s National Parks: an opportunity for rewilding?

The Glover-Gove review of National Parks will trigger many agendas for these protected landscapes. Can [...]

ECOS 38 (6): #Rewilding

Twitter debates reveal the prejudices and the passion surrounding moves to embrace rewilding.    Over [...]

ECOS 37 (2) Rewilding… Conservation and conflict. Steve Carver

Abstract: Those with an eye to the ecological potential of the UK will probably like [...]

ECOS 37 (1) Spring 2016. Flood management and nature – can rewilding help? Steve Carver

Abstract: Can fewer sheep, more trees, restoring rivers to their floodplains and reintroducing beavers help [...]