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ECOS Edition: 2018

ECOS 39(6): Book Review: Eager The surprising, secret life of beavers and why they matter

EAGER The surprising, secret life of beavers and why they matter Ben Goldfarb Chelsea Green [...]

ECOS 39(6): Book Review: Endangered Species: Artists on the front line of biodiversity

ENDANGERED SPECIES  Artists on the front line of biodiversity Barbara Matilsky Whatcom Museum, Washington, USA [...]

ECOS 39(6): The root of optimism

‘Buenas noticias para el planeta’ display in Valencia, Spain. Photo: Hello Valencia We can be [...]

ECOS 39(6): The people’s polemic for wildlife: A divisive and shouty manifesto

The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife fronted by Chris Packham seeks to divide people on topics [...]

ECOS 39(6): The people’s manifesto for wildlife – solid ideas or flaky ideals?

The wildlife manifesto launched by Chris Packham is a lengthy wish list in need of [...]

ECOS 39(6): ‘Own Transport Preferred’: Potential problems with long-term volunteering and internships

Conservation organisations rely heavily on volunteers, and many also offer paid and unpaid internships. Gaining [...]

ECOS 39(6): Exploring the health and wellbeing benefits of environmental volunteering

Is there a link between people’s engagement with nature-based activities and their health? While research [...]

ECOS 39(6): ‘A magnet for those who need it’ Woodland social enterprises and work with in-need groups

A new piece of research has shed light on the valuable work of a growing [...]

ECOS 39(6): Medicine for contemporary ills: a ‘Dose of Nature’?

Human health and nature find common cause in ‘green prescribing’. What is the case for [...]

ECOS 39(6): Editorial: Nature and wellbeing

Editorial by Gavin Saunders Nature and wellbeing – time to take the medicine? Wild nature [...]