ECOS 34 (2) Summer 2013. We can still be heroes. Gavin Saunders

Abstract: Where is the critical independent debate taking place in the conservation sector these days? Where do we turn for intellectual and moral leadership? How should ECOS and BANC continue to play a pivotal role, especially for the newer generation of conservation thinkers who are faced with many choices across a complex digital world? This article is offered by Gavin Saunders on behalf of BANC Council, to air questions with which Council has to wrestle on behalf of BANC’s membership and ECOS’s wider readership.

Download article as PDF: ECOS 34-2-2 We can be heroes

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Saunders, Gavin “ECOS 34 (2) Summer 2013. We can still be heroes. Gavin Saunders” ECOS vol. 34(2), 2013, British Association of Nature Conservationists,