ECOS 36 (2) Austerity politics – any place for nature? Mike Townsend

Abstract: The result of the election may have been a surprise, but it is not clear that the outlook for the natural environment would have been much different under any outcome, given the focus on the economy. All main parties had supported the role of the Natural Capital Committee, and the Conservatives specifically backed the role of the NCC in the development of a 25 year plan to rebuild biodiversity. Can natural capital accounting be inculcated into the workings of government in a way that will deliver for wildlife, or will squeezed budgets and political dogma continue to undermine the natural environment?

Download article as PDF: ECOS 36-2-8 Austerity politics


Townsend, Mike “ECOS 36 (2) Austerity politics – any place for nature? Mike Townsend” ECOS vol. 36(2), 2015, British Association of Nature Conservationists,