ECOS 37 (2) Nature and the call of the wild. James Robertson

Abstract: When ECOS first appeared as a radical voice for nature conservation in winter 1980, farming subsidies were driving habitat destruction, tax incentives were luring the rich to plant Scottish peatlands with conifers, and there was little protection for and less understanding of the needs of wildlife on land and at sea. Much has changed. The agriculture and forestry regimes are less hostile to nature, some extinct wildlife has been reintroduced and rewilding offers excitement. This article considers if all this is enough to ensure a place for nature in our crowded island, and to allow BANC to leave the field of battle.

Download article as PDF: ECOS 37-2-42 Nature and the call of the wild

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Robertson, James “ECOS 37 (2) Nature and the call of the wild. James Robertson” ECOS vol. 37(2), 2016, British Association of Nature Conservationists,